Monday, January 26

Beard vs. No Beard

I've heard it said, "Behind every clever girl is a guy with a beard and glasses". While it took a few years for Super Hunk's No Shave Novembers to "grow" on me, I can now say with certainty...I love my bearded husband.

I'm all about that beard, 'bout that beard, 'bout that beard, no stubble!

Beard season usually begins when the weather turns cold, he claims it's God's way of keeping his face warm. I like to think he lets his follicles free because he knows how the red (and silver) tint makes my heart go pitter patter...which he will neither confirm nor deny. I've accepted the fact that an element of mystery comes with the beard.

No beard?
My beloved man scruff appeared late this year. It took a seven day vacation, and a lack of motivation to shave, that finally did the trick. Whoosh, that was close!

My unhealthy anticipation of Super Hunk's facial hair made me I the only one on Beard Island? How do you feel? Are you pro...or NO?!

C'mon, ladies...I want to know!

Disclaimer: No matter what Super Hunk's facial hair is doing, that smile consistently makes my heart melt!

(Super Hunk approves this message and no beards were harmed in the writing of this post.)


  1. I wasn't sure due to the fact my husband has been clean shaven since we met 7 years ago. It wasn't until just he mentioned it would be red and I wanted to see with my own eyes. I have to say....I like it! :) Him, glasses, beard, daddy's girls on his lap make my heart smile!

  2. When I first met Keith he had a strawberry blond moustache, he had it several years then one day he came in and it was gone. He was a baby face. He said he was tired of messy with it. Ok with me either way. As for a beard that will be a no go for him. His stubble come in in bit and pieces never making good cover. And for now, those whiskers are white so he anticipates a white beard like his dad. Don't think we will see that any time soon. I think I like my man clean shaven and smelling like manly aftershave!


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