Monday, December 8

Never Put God In A Box

Once again, my life is living proof that God does not belong in a box.

He always gives exceedingly and more abundantly than I could ever imagine.

For instance, He has turned a fast food taco lover who stored shoe boxes in her oven and only had a kitchen because it came with the house, into a Food Blogger...Food Columnist...and now, Cooking Instructor.


That sound you just heard...that's His box flying wide open.

And now for the BIG NEWS, I am excited to announce that 2015 will be the start of Cooking with Courtney culinary classes. It's been a passion of mine to share the delicious simplicity of cheerful cooking with my fellow busy ladies and now I can do it face to face! A simple seed God placed in my heart and a wonderful partnership with North Texas Farm & Ranch Magazine has led to this day. I couldn't be more excited!

My increasing age has unfortunately not provided increased wisdom on the subject of controlling my own life. This is yet another lesson to not put God in a box. He knows the desires of our hearts, the creativity He placed inside of each one of us, and He delights in our successes!

I pray you'll seek Him, ask Him where to lead you next, and join me in giving up the most delightful and satisfying way! Your future is shiny and bright!

For more information on Cooking with Courtney classes, be sure to follow S&S on Facebook or send me an email.

Thank you for your constant support, I couldn't ask for better readers!

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