Friday, December 5

Mysterious Wine

No matter what season of life I enter, I always welcome a good excuse for a Girl's Night. 

Super Hunk finds it fascinating. He marvels at how a bunch of women gathering to eat, drink, and be cheery can be food for our souls? I tell him it's primitive, dating back to hens in the hen house. We cluck, we roost, it's what we do...he shrugs and promptly makes himself scarce (just hoping we leave behind a few hors d'oeuvres for him to munch on when the dust settles).

I recently hosted a Wine Mystery Party for a few of my lovely ladies (also referred to as a "Blind Wine Tasting"). Some of the guests were wine connoisseurs and others were new to the wonderful world of wine. This party brought everyone together and we left with a new favorite wine!

If you're looking for a fun party idea, this is always a hit (I've hosted a few and it's been a blast every time)!

You start by asking guests to bring a bottle of wine. It can be a personal favorite, a new variety they've been wanting to try, or a bottle with a pretty label (which in my experience, usually turns out disastrous).

As guests arrive, you place bottles in paper bags and tie with string (you can also request your guests keep the paper sacks from the store when the bottles were purchased). Next, label each bottle with number. Have glasses ready, with place cards indicating guest's name. As pictured above, if you have enough glasses you can label them with coordinating bottles. I didn't so we used the same glass.

Open your first bottle and pour for guests to taste. Provide sheets for them to record their thoughts. Some may go with "yum" and others may express great dislike...that's the fun of it. For the more experienced, challenge them to identify the different flavors and aromas (I tend to roll my a loving way...and pour these people another glass)!

At the end, when everyone has tasted each bottle, it's time for the great unveiling. Remove each bottle from their bag and have everyone share their notes. 

Now pour yourself a full glass of your new favorite!

A little food, a few friends, and a lot of wine is a recipe for success! A good time was had by all!

No more standing in front of a hundred wine bottles, wondering which one to buy. Mystery solved!

(For free wine printable a shown above, click here.)

(Photos from Mint Love Social Club.)

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