Saturday, October 11

Simple Sugar Snap Peas

As promised, here's my new favorite recipe. Run to your kitchen...right now...and whip it up. Three ingredients and two steps, what could be easier? Pop Tarts...they're easier...but not as good with pork tenderloin...unless you're Buddy the Elf!

My Mom recently visited and introduced me to the yumminess. Yes, it's delicious but I think it's the fact it was cooked FOR me instead of BY me that made it even more fabulous.

I could eat the whole bowl by delicious pea at a time...if Super Hunk doesn't beat me to it. Move over!

1 bag sugar snap peas, fresh
2 teaspoons olive oil
1 garlic clove, minced

A little bag of happy...

In a medium saucepan, heat oil and garlic over medium heat. Open bag, pour, stir to coat. Let cook for 5-8 minutes until peas start to slightly brown (you still want them crunchy). 

Pour in your favorite bowl, serve, and enjoy (excuse me while I do a little quality control)!

I know this isn't a groundbreaking recipe (again, I'm reluctant to even classify it as so), but it's the perfect side item for your Perfect Pork Tenderloin.

They're also a kid favorite...but not in the fine-dining-utensil-using kind of way. I can't help it, those chubby little fingers melt my heart!

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