Saturday, October 11

No need to panic!

Let me start by saying, no buttons were harmed in the writing of this post. No need to panic, everything is fine!

Whoosh, such a relief.

Our Saturday started with a classic case of "I thought you were watching him" vs. "No, I thought you were watching him"! While Little Man rarely leaves our sides, his hands tend to do quite a bit of roaming. As was the case today.

After a short stop at a local business, we loaded in the car and began our departure from the parking lot. When, to our surprise, in flies a police car! The officer throws the car in park (while sliding in on two wheels) and runs inside at an alarming speed. 

Concerned, but in a hurry, I later asked Super Hunk if he knew the details. Yep, folks, you guessed it! My son pressed the silent panic button. I'm STILL mortified!

When? Where? How? I'm perplexed. These are the moments I wish he had a more extensive vocabulary so he could truly understand my embarrassment (and curiosity...I've always wondered where they keep those things). 

I know we can't watch our children ALL the time, but my son's hands won't leave my sight! Heck, toy manufacturers should think twice about making red buttons on toys. It seems like a contradiction, don't you think?

The overall lesson for Little Man, "Red buttons in kid world = buttons in adult world = bad!" The overall lesson for Mom, "A little button in a pretty color, when pushed, causes people to come running? Where can I get one of those buttons?"

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