Friday, September 26

The Wonderful Whisk-ula ~ Winner!

 **************** Winner ****************
Yep, I fell asleep last night  (and when I say "fell asleep", it's more like slipped into a "frenzied induced coma that a prince couldn't even kiss me out of" sleep. Please pardon my physiological response to life's craziness, I've already reprimanded my body and it promises not to let it happen again!

Having said that, three cheers for the whisk-ula winner!

Barbara J.

Congrats and please email your contact information to receive your prize. Stay tuned for more Favorite Things giveaways!
Since I started this little blog (almost one very short year ago), I've posted a menagerie of my favorite things. From Little Man's favorite book to the world's greatest heel exfoliator, nothing is safe from my quality control gene!

Sharing with you the finer (and extremely useful) things in life has been my them away has been my absolute joy! I've also been so pleased to hear many of you develop the same fondness. It makes me walk a litter taller, knowing our children are happy readers and our heels are crack free!

So here's another one of my new Favorite Things. Are you ready for this? You might want to take a tinkle break (yes, I just typed "tinkle"), excitement makes my Mommy bladder...well, you know!

Cue drum roll...


It's a "whisk-ula". Well, the official name is a Better Batter Tool from Tovolo but whisk-ula is less of a tongue twister. (I can hear my Auctioneer Father now..."Betty Botter bought some batter but she said this batter is bitter"! Eeek, he's talented!)

I received this little gadget goddess as a birthday gift from my dear friend, Brittany. Happy birthday to me! Much like the whisk-ula, I adore her! 

(Photos from Tovolo)
Don't let the official name fool you, it's more than just stirring batter. Smashing bananas will never be the same, mashing potatoes will no longer require that huge tool (that looks more like a weapon than a kitchen utensil). You'll happily grab your universally handy, whisk-ula.

Today, since I haven't done a giveaway in a while, it's Tuesday, and I love ya, I'm giving one away in the color of your choice! (See, aren't you glad you took that tinkle EXCITING!)

Available colors are stratus blue, chili pepper, lime, midnight, fuchsia, orange peel, and purple. (View colors here.) To enter, comment below with your answer to the following question. "What is your favorite day of the week? Wednesday Hump Day? Thank You Thursday? Sunday Rest Day?

Winner will be randomly selected on Thursday. 

Happy registering! You're lucky, I can feel it!


  1. That would be great for stirring Uncle Billy's Chocolate Milk....hint.....hint

  2. Wednesday, and this is why: Monday has already come and gone and I still have the weekend ahead of me!

  3. It's Finally Friday!!! I'm much happier that morning to start my day! I even sing to the kiddos in the morning, it's Friday!

  4. Saturday Saturday, always Saturday!


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