Monday, August 4

Fit & Fresh GIVEAWAY ~ Winner!

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It's cool giveaway time...literally!

If you live in a small town, you can relate to "day trips". Loading in the car, driving to the big city, and driving home again in the same day. Attempting to avoid all fast food, I usually pack a load of healthy snacks.

With the extreme Texas heat, keeping our yummy snacks cool can be difficult (or nearly impossible).

Today, because I love ya, because it's Friday, and because these are my new favorite gadget, I'm giving a set away! Yippee!

I adore numerous Fit & Fresh products but these are simply wonderful for the days you're on the go. The durable 2 cup containers are stackable, easy to store and include removable ice packs to keep things cool and fresh (my favorite feature).

They are also handy if you travel with medicine that requires refrigeration. Pop in the ice pack and place container in your cooler...double chill!

To enter, comment below with your answer to the following question. "What is your favorite road trip snack? Fruit? Salad? Fruit salad? Coooookkkkiiieessss?"

Winner will be selected at random on Monday.

Hope you have a "cool" weekend!



  1. Peanuts and Dr. Pepper. But I consume them separately. My husband likes to put the peanuts in his DP. I haven't gotten there yet! Those dishes are cool! hehehe

    1. I think this is a perfect illustration of men and women! :-)

  2. Pretzel rods and animal crackers! For some reason having pretzels while driving on the interstate is relaxing. :)

    1. Jaclyn, I will now add pretzels to my packing list! Thanks for the tip.

  3. I always Make my own trail mix, it's my husbands favorite.

  4. My favorite is chips!! But they are a must for me daily;)

    1. Me too! My husband turned me on to blue corn chips and now I can't stop! :-)


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