Thursday, July 31

Creating a gratitude movement!

For those of you connected to the social media world, you know how trends spread at the speed of light. Every Thursday, my feeds are full of posts with #tbt (Throwback Thursday).

While I enjoy an occasional self-deprecating picture from way back, I say let's stop living in the past and make the most of the present.

I'm proposing we start a gratitude movement! Changing the world, one small social media step at a time!

From this day forward, I will be boycotting #tbt and replacing it with #tyt (Thank You Thursday). Let's be excellent stewards of our hashtags, using them for good!

Every Thursday, tweet it...instagram it...whatever you have to do to inspire others. We can do and me!

Look out world, here comes #tyt...there's gratitude in the air!

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