Saturday, July 12

We're officially sweet potato farmers!

Super Hunk is a major sweet potato fan. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a sweet spud as much as the next guy but he could eat them three times a day (hence the "major" part).

Naturally, when planting our garden this year, we reserved a bed exclusively for the little orange lovelies. Super Hunk even special ordered the starter plants to ensure quality produce. Yes, I know it's just a root but apparently some are better than others...mmmm hmmmm, I didn't know either.

The plants arrived and as we started to put them in the ground, we quickly realized we had overestimated the size of our garden. Oops...novice mistake.

We were determined to not let any of the plantlings die (Super Hunk felt sorry for the little guys). Consequently, we now have sweet potatoes planted EVERYWHERE!

Starting with the original location, garden bed #1...

 Then there's garden bed #2 (which was built after the fact, we're so accommodating)...

Bed #1 in the front yard, I think there used to be a few ornamental grasses under there (sorry, guys)...

 Front bed #2...

 Front bed #3, this was a last ditch effort to plant the remaining few...they're still catching up...

We assumed we would have a small percentage of death loss but the joke is on us! They apparently really love it here.

We were saving these as replacements. When we ran out of ground space, we recruited a few pots. Little Man got a little "boyish" on one occasion and removed them, we replanted, and they STILL survived. Ugh!

Even my store bought sweet potatoes are mocking me. They started sprouting so I'm letting them go, it's now a family science project.

Each plant will produce an average of 5 potatoes and we have 33 plants. Now, I may be too pretty to do math but I think that officially makes us sweet potato farmers!

Also, you can mark them off your Fall shopping list. I'm certain we'll have enough for the entire town!

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