Monday, July 14

A Defining Day

We've all had those days, the kind when an amazing opportunity is presented that catches us off guard and the only response we can offer is...

"Who, me?"

I was recently approached by North Texas Farm & Ranch Magazine to compose the monthly culinary section of their magazine. Over the past few months (and through various volunteer interactions), I have established a wonderful relationship with the publication's Owner and its Editor (shout out to the greatest people in printed media). When the opportunity to join their team was extended to me, I was surprised (after all, I'm the girl who previously used her oven to store shoe boxes).

I sat poised, smiling, but in my head I was thinking...

"Who, me? Is Pioneer Woman not available?"

With very little hesitation (except for the "looking over my shoulder to see if there was a more qualified person standing behind me" part), I graciously accepted and (almost literally) skipped to my car...after I found it (just kidding, maybe). The opportunity to share my new love of cooking with an industry I've loved my whole life seemed like a chapter God had written.

After the initial flattery wore off (and I found my way home), I started to question my ability. Then, as God does, he sat me down for a daddy/daughter pow wow! A genuine, "don't make me stop this car" kind of sit down.

Turns out, He orchestrated this little union. Why am I always so surprised when He answers my prayers?

Seriously, what is with me?

This day, God knew a desire of my heart (a somewhat unspoken request) and made it happen. The desire to share my current stage of life, the delicious, the charred, the messy, even the disasterous. With the sole purpose to reassure women that life can be harried (and occasionally, very sticky). But now and again, when we least expect it...God delivers a defining day that reaffirms our purpose and causes us to say...

"Who, me?"

The first edition of "Cooking with Courtney" will be included in the July issue, available on Thursday. Contact the NTFR magazine office to get your copy!

(You can also visit them on Facebook and Twitter.)
Thank you for your constant support, I'm honored to have you as part of the S&S family.

Watch out, you never know when God may throw a defining day your way! Xoxo


  1. That is so cool! Congratulations my friend!

    1. Thank you! Now let's just hope I have 12 delicious recipes up my sleeve...or quite possibly, on my sleeve! Ha!

  2. That is AWESOME, Sister!! So proud of you! Congratulations!!

  3. You are the only one who had any doubts, I am sure you will be terrific!

  4. Woo hoo! Or is that Yeeee haaaw?! You're going to rock their cooking world!


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