Tuesday, July 22

Tackling "The Scone" ~ Figuratively, of course!

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A few days ago, PW posted a recipe for Jalepeno Cheddar Scones. My carb-loving fat cells instantly danced a jig. I think I literally felt it! Bookmark...Archive...Add to Reading List...whatever...these will be in my belly by day's end.

What you may not know about me, I've NEVER tackled "the scone"! Before you get a visual of me body checking a life-sized scone outside a bakery, what I mean is I've never actually baked a scone.

You're thinking "what is so intimidating about flour and butter?" Au contraire, speaking French with my Texas accent seems less daunting.

But I'm an overcomer, I will show these bits of deliciousness who's boss!

Here was my inspiration, straight from PW's spotless...crumb-free...fresh floral-filled...perfect kitchen.

(Photo from Pioneer Woman)
I know, right? They look heavenly! 

I sifted the flour, cut in the butter, cubed the cheese, rolled the dough, made perfect scone-ish shapes and.....wait for it....they were horrible! I'm not sure what went wrong (because you know Ree's were fantabulous) but it went WAY WRONG. I'm talking, sucking on a cinder block, wrong.

Dun dun dun!
Wah wah wah!

Pastry defeat! Scone-1, Me-0. 

While the outward appearance was similar, lovely green flecks of Jalepeno, oozing bits of cheese, golden edges...they were less than appetizing (which is literally a GROSS understatement!

Even Super Hunk turned his nose up, and that rarely happens.

So, the moral of this story is I too fail. Those perfect blog posts from perfect kitchens, as seen on Food Network, can still turn out disastrous. This is real life...and I'm so thankful you're here, living it with me!

Pardon me while I go back to my scone-free existence! :-)


  1. I wonder if something got missed in the list of ingredients. Not by you but when it was posted to her site? Beware a rabbit trail is ahead - Now, growing up, I knew scones to be fried bread dough. Mom would make yeast bread dough and save some, heat grease/oil, pinch a piece off then stretch it to an odd "shape". Immediately she would drop the dough into the hot grease letting it sizzle and fry. When golden on both sides, she would drain it, we'd slap butter and jam or jelly and sometimes peanut butter on the hot goodness, then let the condiment drip down our fingers as it melted. Yum-my goodness!

  2. I have used the scone mix you can get at world market or central market several times and it comes out great and very easy. Not sure if it would work with this recipe, but don't give up on scones.

    1. Good tip! I promise to give it another try...maybe! :-)


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