Saturday, July 19

I want to ride my bicycle ~ GIVEAWAY Winner!

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Congrats and thank you to all who participated! Stay tuned for more Favorite Things giveaways.
Am I the only one singing it? I want to ride my bi-cycle, I want to ride my bike.

It's giveaway time, woo hoo!

Today, because it's another glorious Tour de France Saturday, because I love ya, and because Super Hunk rode off with his spandex man gang at the crack this morning, I'm giving away one of my favorite kitchen gadgets ever! (I'm certain that sentence violates most grammar and punctuation rules!)

Isn't it adorable? You know how much we love pizza around here and this adorable slicer makes eating your favorite pie oh so much fun!

It is available in this cheerful watermelon and turquoise color combo.

There's also the tribute to the Tour and its yellow jersey, bumblebee.

With a handy bike stand, you can save the cheesy mess.

To enter, comment below with your answer to the following question. "Do you remember the first bicycle you learned to ride? Pink panther with banana seat and sparkle streamers...or was that just me?"

Winner can choose their color and will be selected on Monday.

Happy registering! 
(Here are a few pizza recipes for your new slicer, Barbecue Pork Pizza or Meatball Pizza.)


  1. It was cherry red with a white seat, no streamers on mine.

    1. That's because you were too fabulous for streamers!

  2. I learned on my brother's ninja turtle bike.

  3. I had a yellow bike

  4. My bike was pink and purple with a basket on the front. :)

  5. I don't remember much about the bike itself...other than it felt GIANT (though I am pretty tiny). And I rode that giant thing, but couldn't reach to put my feet down to stop.......but, that's okay because my grandpa's deck was right there ready to help. I ran straight into it. I didn't like bikes for a while.... Later on I did get a pretty pink and white (appropriately-sized) bike with a pretty little basket. :)


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