Tuesday, July 8

Do your heels need help?

I have a confession to make, I notice feet! Cracked heels, chipped polish, I can't help it. I blame it on the Southern Belles in my family. It's in the Handbook...you never leave the house without moisturized heels and fresh polish.

The same Southern Mother that taught me the importance of proper sandal feet is also the Queen of cool gadgets.

The woman has a gift...like a bloodhound, she has the ability to sniff out every must-have contraption (and she usually finds it on sale).

She came to visit this spring, just as my heels were coming out of winter hibernation. As I sat, torturing them with my mediocre pumice stone, she intervened and changed my foot care world forever.

This, my friends, is the greatest invention since sliced bread...the Micro Pedi!

Dun dun duddahhhhh...

I know, a pedicure in a vibrating chair with a complementary cocktail sounds like a lovely option. But with a toddler, this is my reality (and I never have to wonder what the technician is saying about me...if you get my drift).

I promise, this little gem will become your heel's best friend! 

Here's a link where you can order one of your very own...or a gift for your family and friends (or the lady you always see at Wal-Mart with feet screaming for mercy).

Run, don't walk...order one now! Add to cart!

Happy buffing! 
(Photo from emjoi)


  1. I just ordered one. can't wait to try it!

  2. Is this a message meant for me?! :-) Ordering now!

  3. Then you can order the replacement rollers too. It's a wonderful thing!


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