Monday, July 7

Blueberries with ranch!

Today is Little Man's 2nd birthday, has it been two years already? Time didn't fly, it went up into thin air like a puff of smoke. Poof!

We've had a week of festivities, beginning with a trip to see lots of family and friends. I always plan on having a big shindig at home but our loved ones are scattered here and there...which results in road trips and lots of celebrating (so far, he's not complaining).

With some much needed Nana time, kisses and hugs from the cousins, marshmallow pops from one Aunt, and a car cake from the other, we headed home (all hyped up on sugar).

We concluded the day with two of his favorites for dinner, homemade pizza (dipped in ranch, thanks to watching Dad) and a side of blueberries. I even let him dip the blueberries in the ranch (I would normally protest)...go crazy, it's your birthday!

People say this is a milestone birthday, beginning the stage of "the terrible two's". I say, that's terrible! Yes, he has bad would too if you were learning a new language and people kept smiling and nodding while you were clearly frustrated. 

Yes, he typically wants ice cream for dinner and mean Mommy refuses (this would make me angry too). 

But overall, it's a learning curve for both of us. I've never done this before and neither has he. 

I can honestly say, there's nothing "terrible" about being his Mommy...this birthday or any other.

Just in case you're wondering, blueberries with ranch ARE as disgusting as they sound!

Happy birthday, Little Man! Xoxo

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  1. Happy Birthday to MK's BFF!! :-) We love you little man xo


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