Tuesday, June 24

Rainy Day Marble Races

Lately we've had quite a bit of rain. You'll never hear me complain but I can't speak for Little Man. He doesn't yet value the little drops from heaven, he sees them more as an inconvenience...an unwanted interruption in his outdoor wonderland adventures.

With his activities restricted to the great indoors, Mommy was scrambling to come up with fresh ideas (I need to refresh my list).

With a bag of marbles and a pool noodle, Mommy is a hero, uh hum...heroine, once again!

I propped one end of the noodle on the coffee table and placed a few pillows on the floor to keep the marbles from launching all over the living room. It was a good idea, in theory.

We took turns loading marbles and watching them shoot out the end. Notice I said "we", I think I had more fun than him. 

There was also quite a bit of time spent retrieving the marbles, I may or may not have sent a few rogue marbles down the pipe to keep him on his toes! He never caught on that Mommy was doing strictly launching, no retrieving. Two is such a great age! :-)

At times, it became a scavenger hunt...which extended the overall playtime. These two simple objects became an afternoon of fun and this rainy day Mommy has never loved marbles more (with close supervision, they strongly resemble grapes).

Keeping it simple!

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