Tuesday, June 3

Hang it out to dry!

Mondays are my "washdays" (another word in my vocabulary, confirming I was born 100 years too late). With Little Man spending more and more time outside, I've been begging Super Hunk for a clothesline so I can complete my "wash" while he plays. He was reluctant at first (due to the unsightly nature of laundry littering the landscape), then I said "economical" and he was suddenly very supportive!

For Mother's Day, my dream of airing my soggy laundry became a reality.  This is my new BFF, a 20 foot indoor/outdoor retractable clothesline. Hello, lovely.

So easy to use and has a handy little spot for my clothespin bag.

Super Hunk gave me the thumbs up after a few moments of mounting, indicating a green light for wet laundry. I immediately ran to the washer to retrieve my very first load (it's the little things in life that make me happy). I'm not sure what my attraction is but I suspect it's the nostalgia of simpler times when "whirligig" was a common word.

A time when a family's story was told by their laundry, hanging on the line. A new baby in the neighborhood? Fancy sheets hanging next door, are there visitors in town? Tablecloths and white napkins, a dinner party perhaps?

Minus the neighborhood knowing my business, I long for simpler times and hanging my clothes out to dry is a breath of fresh air for my soul.

My house is a little cooler, my electric bill a little lower, and the view is boyishly adorable.

I hope you too find solace in the little things and stay tuned for tomorrow's special giveaway.

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