Friday, June 20

A Stroll Down Citrus Lane

If you're on Facebook, you've seen the numerous ads for Citrus Lane. It's the children's version of the recently popular Birchbox for adults.

(Photo from Citrus Lane)

With a 50% off promotional code, I purchased one month for Little Man (no monthly commitment required).  A few clicks and a short questionnaire later, I was excited to see what items they would send for my two year old.

A few weeks passed and we anxiously awaited its arrival. Yesterday, the adorable brown and yellow package appeared in our mailbox.

I'd like to share my Citrus Lane experience with you, in case you have been on the fence about trying it.

Little Man couldn't wait to tear into his new treasures. I think frantic gift opening is a trait he inherited from me!

Tadaaaaaa! A few trendy children's items, coupons, and personal note from Citrus Lane. Well done, Marketing Department!

Of course, he goes straight for the snacks...that's my boy! Strawberry and Spinach was his favorite...who knew?

A fabulous puzzle (in its own carrying case...hallelujah) was something interesting. Only after the bar was gone!

With a little (or a lot) of help from Mom, we finished!

The overall experience was excellent. A new water bottle, wet bag, puzzle, and snack bars were the highlight of the afternoon. Here's my disclaimer: with my 50% off, I paid $14.99 for these goodies. While the included products were great, I'm not sure it's worth the full monthly price...but they don't call me McFrugal for nuthin'! I'll let you decide but it's DEFINITELY worth a try!

Whether you have your own squirt or you need a gift, use code SAVEHALF and experience the fun of mysterious goodies in an adorable box!

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