Saturday, June 21

A Space For My Stuff

When Super Hunk and I purchased our little abode, it was the perfect size. Quaint, great layout, just enough storage, and easy to clean!

Three years later, we added a baby with more stuff than both of us combined. How does something so small require truckloads of swag?

Needless to say, our perfect home is now a bit more cramped...but oh, so worth it.

I've been desperately needing an office but with the above mentioned dilemma, I've resigned to working at the kitchen table. This is much to Super Hunk's dismay as he has a strong aversion to clutter. It's also hard to keep my papers from becoming sticky notes (or "jelly notes").

Pinterest, here I come!

I recently stumbled upon this image and was instantly in love.

So bright, so cheery...and yes, there's a thank you note on the desk! This is my space...minus the Mac (it's smarter than me), minus the candle (open flames and hot wax with toddlers...BAD), and minus the white fluffy pillow (one word, blueberries).

The part I'm in love with the most is the art above the desk. So simple, yet so fun. "Oh darling, let's be adventurers".

Let's make one...together! It seems like a simple design, we can do it. I see a Crafting the Cape post in my future. Stay tuned...

I better skedaddle, I'm off to find a space for my stuff!

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