Monday, May 12

What's Shakin' Bacon ~ GIVEAWAY Winner!

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At the risk of sounding like Mr. Rogers, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood (I feel the need for a wardrobe change). With the sun shining and a house filled with the aroma of bacon (hooray for Bacon Week), I'm inspired to do a giveaway! Cue the bacon dance!

In my recent post, The Gift of Bacon, I listed a few adorable gift ideas for bacon lovers. While doing my research, I stumbled upon The Coin Laundry on Etsy. Such a charming little spot on the worldwide web, I knew I had to share with you.

With so many darling choices, I selected the What's Shakin' Bacon Tea Towel. It's precious and deserves to live in your kitchen. Don't you think?
To enter, comment below with your answer to the following question. "What is your meat of choice? Beef? Pork? Chicken? Squirrel?"

Winner will be selected randomly on Monday. Happy (early) Mother's Day, hope your weekend is excellent!


  1. Can we SEE the bacon dance? :D

    My first choice is usually beef, but if there's bacon involved, I will eat a tea towel.

    1. I understand, I sometimes contemplate sniffing the wrapper!

  2. By the way, Courtney--this is Sarah. Not sure why it's listing me under the name of a client magazine!

  3. I will pass on squirrel! Even if it were bacon covered! I do like bacon!

    1. Squirrel wrapped in bacon? I wonder if that's on Pinterest? :-)

  4. I do enjoy a nice halibut filet...topped with bacon!! Ha!

  5. My husband hates chicken so we eat mostly beef.


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