Wednesday, May 14

Dessert On A Stick!

There was such a mondo (yes, "mondo" IS a word) response to my Sandwich On A Stick post, I decided to share dessert on a stick. An entire meal consumed with your fingers, from a stick...what could be better? A campfire! That would make it better but that's another recipe for another day!

The thing I enjoy most about food on a stick is the interaction with Little Man (besides the minimal amount of dishes). He can help assemble and he's equally as thrilled to disassemble. Having him involved in the kitchen is on the highlight reel of my day.

I made a yellow sheet cake for Super Hunk (with homemade chocolate icing that had waaaaay too much powdered sugar...minor avalanche occurred while pouring) and he never eats it all. I know, it's freaky how much self-restraint he possesses!

To repurpose the cake (so it didn't sit, pitifully, on the counter waiting for me to eat it), I created dessert on a stick (tipping my hat to caramel apples everywhere).

Confession, I had one for lunch! Yep, that just happened (it made me wish I had longer skewers)!
Red apple
Yellow sheet cake, cubed
Caramel sauce
Chopped nuts

Skewer, drizzle, sprinkle.

I also see a Strawberry Shortcake version on the menu for next week. A little Angel Food Cake, sliced strawberries, and whipped cream...YUMMO!

Have fun with it and skewer until your heart is content!
Do you cook (or skewer) with your little ones? What is their favorite kitchen task?

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  1. So easy. I made one for my daughter yesterday and she loved it!


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