Thursday, May 29

PUSH ~ Pray Until Something Happens

Our entire community has joined in prayer with a local family who recently experienced a tragic accident. A young boy was involved in a serious roping accident. We barely know the family and I won't pretend to know all of the details. But a request for prayer was sent out through our church and social media has kept all of us informed of his progress.

My boy mom heart goes out to his family and I kneel before God with heavy prayers. This morning, I was reminded of this story and wanted to share it with you, in case you need a little PUSH in your own life.

"Have you heard the PUSH story about the man that had to walk through a mountainous area to get to work? There, on his path, was a huge boulder wedged between two mountainsides. This boulder was bigger than big, 10-15 feet wide and thousands of pounds. Everyday, as the man approached the rock, he would struggle up the mountainside to pass around it. He wished this obstacle would be removed from his path.

Then one day he asked God for help. He said, 'Lord, can you see this boulder in my way? It is slowing me down. It's hindering me. Lord, please remove this obstacle.' The man was amazed when he immediately heard from the Lord. He said, 'Son, I'm not going to move the rock, you are. I want you to PUSH it out of the way.'

The man began to argue with God. He said, 'But Father, I am not strong enough. It weighs thousands of pounds. If I could move it, I would. It can't be done!'

The Lord listened patiently and replied, 'Trust in Me and you will have the strength.'

So the man decided to obey God, even though he didn't understand how this could be accomplished. He thought in the back of his mind, if he obeyed God then He would most likely move it for him. So he pushed...

And pushed...and pushed.

He strained and struggled. He got on the high side of the boulder and pushed with all his might. After hours of pushing, he was exhausted and he said to the Lord with disappointment, 'Lord, I pushed all day long and this rock hasn't budged. I told you I couldn't move it, it's too big and too much of a struggle.'

Just like the boulder, God wouldn't budge either.

He told the man, 'Son, I want you to continue pushing until this obstacle is removed from your path. I know you can do it!' Everyday, the man pushed...and pushed. He labored more than he ever had.

Finally, the Lord spoke to him. He said, 'Son, you don't have to push anymore. I'm going to make a path for you around the boulder.'

That afternoon, a tornado came and cut a perfect path around the rock. Although the man was grateful, he was a slightly frustrated.

He said to the Lord, 'Why did you have me waste my time pushing when you were going to make a way? I don't understand, Lord.'

God said, 'Son, you haven't wasted your time. Look at how physically strong you are. I used that boulder to develop you. Now you have persistence, determination, and stamina. The entire time you were pushing, I was watching you very closely. Every moment you struggled, I was beside you. As soon as I knew you were strong enough and the work was done IN YOU, that's when I made a way.'

You see, God knows our struggles and always does a work in us. Our job is to PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens).

This is dedicated to Dane and his entire family. We stand with you, PUSHING!


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