Friday, May 16

Primrose & Yellow Nose

Little Man and I stumbled upon a patch of primrose wildflowers the other day on our morning walk. I was instantly transported to my childhood soooooooo many years ago. Those were the days when life was simpler (and slower)...the TV had to be changed, the phone had to be answered, and new roads were discovered on a map.

The Primrose (aka, Pink Lady) was the first flower I ever sniffed. Likewise, it's also the first flower I ever the hands of my brother. I'm not sure why I always fell for it but a suggestion to sniff always ended with yellow on my nose. 

Sharing this memory with Little Man was priceless. Just another reminder of how life comes full circle. Interestingly enough, he didn't care for yellow on his nose either but I couldn't resist. 

Excuse me while I call my brother...

I hope your weekend is full of unexpected childhood moments!

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  1. Those moments are priceless! The very best!


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