Tuesday, February 10

A Spot of Tea

It was a day of tea and etiquette with two of my favorite ladies. Let me clarify, it was NOT High Tea. Apparently, High Tea first began after a hard day of men plowing the fields. Tea was served with savory foods (such as sausage) while sitting at high tables. There was no fine china, delectables, or frilly hats. I prefer today's Victorian tea and glad I now know the difference.

Our table mates were four swanky ladies, oozing with society class and jewelry I can only guess were family heirlooms. My bobbles were clearance items at Dillard's but it's not what you have but how you carry it. Right? The conversation was lovely and I'm certain we have at least two new acquaintances (the other two seemed as if they had enough friends).

Why don't women wear hats more often? The room was a sea of color, bows, and feathers. In my opinion, hats make you walk a little taller (partially because your spacial recognition is distorted by the large circumference of your head).

Seeing my name next to a place setting of fine china makes my etiquette insides dance a jig!

This tray of goodness was almost too pretty to eat but I took one for the team...or three!

What is it about "steeping" that automatically elevates the caffeine consumption experience to high-class?

And we're back to "plain folks" by attempting a silly selfie. It was delightful to be transported to the Victorian era for a few hours, sharing it with my dear friends, and realizing I should never take selfies!

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