Monday, April 14

A new dress, Jesus, and eggs full of dessert? What's not to love?

Easter is my second favorite holiday, next to Christmas. I love everything about it...the canvas of blooming colors, the sundresses, the sandals. But most of all, I love the Resurrection reason for the season...the day the stone was rolled away will forever make me weepy.

This is also one of my Mother's favorite days (my love for her also makes me weepy). I have cherished memories of a house full of pastels, delightful (tasteful) bunny decorations, and a tree with mini egg ornaments. (She has a way of "sprucing things up"'s a gift, really!)

Also, presented with the opportunity to wear my new Easter dress (that had been hanging in my closet with a "Do not touch until Easter" tag) made me jump out of bed a wee bit faster than normal!

With my new dress and Bible, off to church we went. It was unexplainable but Easter Sunday was unlike every other Sunday. There was always an extra special spirit present. The pews were packed a little tighter, voices were a little louder, and hugs lasted a little longer. Even the visitors, who knew nothing about this man we call "Jesus", could feel something different in the air. I'm so thankful my family taught me the true meaning. The understanding of a man who would die for me and rise again as a promise of eternal life for all who believe! Bunnies and eggs are adorable but I choose to celebrate a God who knows my name.

A Church Potluck (or lunch with family) usually followed. Maybe this is why I have a partially unhealthy attachment to food, it's a key element in almost all of my favorite memories. As it should be! Now, where's the eggs full of dessert?

What's not to love about this day? A new dress, celebrating Jesus, meeting strangers, yummy food, and hunting for dessert...can we do it again tomorrow?

Don't keep your love of Easter to yourself, invite a friend to join you!

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