Thursday, February 27

Curiosity killed the cat! Poor cat!

Growing up, I was never around cats. We had a herd of barn cats but I learned to not get attached...if you know what I mean! Poor cat! Happy owl!

(I promise I'm not dead inside! Accepting the circle of life is a little easier as an adult.)

The one thing I do know about cats is their fascination with anything NEW.  Inspection of any unfamiliar object is involuntary. The same inherent curiosity is what caused the demise of their infamous buddy ("Curiosity killed the cat"...poor cat).

As I sit, having my first cup of coffee (still trying to convince the muscles in my eyelids to cooperate), I realize I haven't been crawled on in at least 10 minutes (by my son, not a cat).

Little Man has discovered something much more captivating.

I purchased this chair at a local antique store for a charity project I'm working on. I had no idea it would be a $10 playground!



(Don't panic, he was being closely monitored. My eyelids were fully engaged by this point!)

(Where there's sitting, there's cars. I'm confident it's in the boy handbook!)

And back down again!
(Such a great dismount, it must be his cat-like reflexes.)

Whoosh, what a lovely 10 minutes! His cat curiosity has transformed into disinterest...look out, here he comes!

Have a great day, full of cautious curiosity!


  1. Sweet boy! I want a post about what you have planned for the chair, I bet there is some paint involved! Maybe your blog readers would like to hear about the "Chair Affair". You might even get some entries!! Mom

    1. I will definitely share the progress of the chair. It definitely needs a little love! Great idea on the Chair Affair!


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