Sunday, February 14

Do we share too much?

Do you ever wonder if we share too much on Facebook?

We post pics of our kids to keep the long distance family in the loop. We check in at our new favorite restaurant to help spread the word, while photographing our food to add that final stamp of approval. We even share our online shopping selections with the motivation to score a $20 friend referral credit on our next order.

Again I we share too much?

Today, LOVE DAY, I ask myself this question once more.

As my Facebok news feed is flooded with pictures of flowers from hubbies and sweets from sweeties, I can't help but notice silence from others.

The single people who long for true love but have yet to find it.

The widowers who long for the one that always made this day special but now feel a void like never before.

The newly divorced who wonder if the pain will ever go away and if this day will ever be a happy one again.

The parents who recently lost a child and now cling to the finger-painted card from the year past.

I'm thankful for this day. I melt when my husband brings home flowers. My heart leaps when my son delivers a card full of crayon scratches. But I'll think twice before posting them for the world to see.

Because for all of us with hearts overflowing, there's that many more with hearts hurting.

Happy Valentine's Day, sweet friends. I celebrate LOVE with you and genuinely hope your day is full of unspeakable amounts. I'm simply challenging you, on behalf of heavy hearts everywhere, to think about the possibility that we occasionally share too much.


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