Monday, August 10

I've been disconnected!

Well, I've officially been disconnected.

With the move, and our temporary rural location, I have lost all internet and virtually all connection to the outside world.

For most, this seems sublime. For a Blogger, it creates a major case of ulceritis. (Is that an actual condition?)

To keep my sanity and continue my "I'm embracing what comes" attitude, I decided I would utilize the free wifi services around our tiny town until we were reconnected with sweet technology.

I prepared a post to share this morning and headed to town with a long list of errands. "Post blog" seemed like a simple enough task, labeled #4.

I was wrong.

It's been an hour...and I'm no closer to posting those delicious cookies than I was first thing this morning.

Apparently "free" is a relative term and I now have a crying toddler in the backseat because his shoe fell off. Don't ask...

So, this is the post today. I hope you're not disappointed. I'm still rolling with the punches, typing on my cell phone, while simultaneously trying to retrieve said shoe from under the seat. I still have six more errands to go!

Yes, the car is parked.

Better luck tomorrow! Wish me luck.

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