Friday, May 1

Baby, it's in the BAG!

Babies, babies, everywhere! I have five friends scheduled to deliver little people in the coming months. With so many tiny fingers and toes on the way, a few of you have requested a REAL LIFE "things to pack" list for your hospital bag.

Yes, I know...soothing music and focal points are essential for some but I was more concerned about my huge granny panties being exposed and figuring out the best way to breastfeed without the world seeing "the girls" (call me modest)!

Here's my disclaimer, I had a C-section so my experience was a bit different. If you had hem..."vaginal" (why does that word still make me blush) delivery, comment below with items I may have overlooked.

Here goes...

While cell phone chargers, cameras, and toiletries are are a few items I found helpful...that no one told me about!

Snacks - our hospital had WONDERFUL food but it was a little pricey for this Mama! Looking back, I wish I would've packed more snacks. While I had more things on my mind than sustenance (I know, SHOCKING), Super Hunk's appetite was in overdrive. Those few bags of trail mix I packed disappeared into the abyss that is his hollow leg on Day #1. (PS. If you don't want to resemble a pack mule and haul in a load, at least take a roll of quarters for the vending machines.)

Thank You Notes - Again, I had a C-section which required me to spend a few more days in the hospital. Between breastfeeding and blood pressure checks, there was quite a bit of down time (new little people do A LOT of snoozing). There were so many people to thank, I was kicking myself for not packing thank you notes and maximizing my "mandatory rest" period. WHAT WAS I THINKING? From visitors to an amazing nursing staff, there was a long list of gratitude to send.

Boppie Pillow - Learning to breastfeed was literally comical for me (most things are). By the time Little Man and I got in a rhythm, I seriously felt like we had completed a monumental task. In the hospital, I used regular pillows to prop and when I got home, I switched to the Boppie. Needless to say, it wasn't a seamless transition. There may or may not have been a few "baby rolling overboard" incidents. Shhhhhhhhhhh! He was fine!  Looking back, I wish I would've packed my Boppie from the start.

Pads, Pads & More Pads - From nursing pads to sanitary pads, you feel a bit like you're wrapped in fluff. Seriously, if you were in a person-to-person collision, you'd walk away without a scratch (padding, so much padding). A bit of advice, pack your own! The hospital is accommodating and provides them for you (at your cost) but trust me when I say, you could straddle a twin mattress and it would be more comfortable.

Nursing Camisole - Much like you, I did my research and read numerous articles about what items to pack. So many recommended I take my own nightgown. Looking back, I say "nightgown, shmightgown". If it's not exactly perfect, it's more of a nuisance than a comfort. Too long and you're constantly twisted like a full body straight jacket. Too short and...well...hello, lady parts! If it opens at the top to allow for breastfeeding, ALL of you is out there for the world to see (and your visitors from church). So take my advice, go with a nursing cami. They're extremely comfortable (for day or night), less revealing for feeding your always hungry newborn, super "supportive", and easy to layer when hot or cold (stupid hormones). Go crazy, buy yourself a couple...I promise, you'll use them for many months to come.

Fun Fuzzy Socks - No matter what time of year you deliver, hospitals are cold (run, I was told to pack slippers, partially for comfort but also to keep from walking on the hospital floor (eeekkk). However, as a I stated above, my C-section didn't allow for bending (or sneezing...or deep breathing). Most of the time, I needed assistance putting them on and taking them off. I often wished I would've packed socks instead.

Hat For Baby - Yes, a going home outfit is important but don't forget an extra hat. Babies lose quite a bit of heat from their little noggins. My tiny bundle of joy was not so tiny...nor was his noggin. The hospital provided a complementary hat but I'm here to tell size DOES NOT fit all. I spent more time trying to keep the thing on and wondered if the Mom in the room down the hall was having the same dilemma. Take your own (in a few sizes).

Blanket for Daddy - Roll it up and stick it with your Boppie. The hospital will provide one but if your hunky hubby is tall like mine, it only covers his top half OR bottom half...not both. Poor Daddy! Do him a him you love him...and pack that poor man a blanket. He's sleeping on a convertible sofa for cryin' out loud!

Congrats, soon-to-be-mommy! Enjoy every moment (the old saying is true, time flies), write it all down, and take comfort in knowing there's an entire population of women just as tired as you! :-)


  1. Love it, Sister! Agree with all of it. Brian took his sleeping bag....Hahaha!

  2. Please make sure those fuzzy socks have grippers on the bottom. Those hospital floors are cold and SLIPPERY (must be all those coats of wax). Doing the splits on your way to the bathroom day 1 after delivery would not be a pretty sight, although it would be great material for a post-delivery story for years to come.


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