Wednesday, January 7

The Christmas Card Blues

At the risk of sounding like a huge cliche, I love Christmas.

Stop it, I know you're rolling your eyes. Most likely because you're repulsed by people that count down the days until Christmas, starting December 26th. Maybe it's because your senses are flooded with holiday cheer as soon as the Halloween decorations are removed from the retail shelf and by the time it arrives, you're on Christmas overload.

Either way, the general population likes Christmas a socially acceptable amount.

Then there's me.

Crazy, giddy, gaga for December 25th!

The birth of Christ...woo hoo!

A world covered in glitter and twinkle...yippee!

Finally, my favorite part...happy, festive mail as colorful as their senders!

Greeting cards galore!

Every day, Little Man and I would rush to the mailbox to see what colorful envelopes were hiding inside (confirming the Mailman's suspicions that I'm an ornament short of a full tree).

It's a colorful display of greetings from near and far. What could be better?

Much to my dismay, as they do every year, the festivities come and go. Decking the halls becomes filling the tubs and I enter my annual state of Christmas card blues.

One by one, the cards come down and I'm reminded of all my many blessings. I also take a moment to be thankful for the plethora of people that make our days a real life "Oprah's Favorite Things" episode. You get a card, you get a card, you get a card, and you get a card!

This is also when I make a conscious effort to stay more connected to people throughout the year, creating this feeling of receiving meaningful mail more than once a year. I think this is a resolution worth keeping and an excellent cure for my Christmas card blues.

How about you?

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