Wednesday, January 28

A video spot? You don't say!

The Cooking with Courtney (CwC) journey continues...

North Texas Farm & Ranch Magazine is starting a series of CwC video spots to be featured on their website. Friday is the first shoot and my mind is filled with...well...void...vast spaces of nothingness!

What to wear? (Funny how that's my first thought.)

What to say?

Does the camera really add ten pounds?

How many cameras will be on me?

Do I look down...look up...blink?

In reality, it's extremely informal...

But should I clean off the counters to resemble Giada's kitchen?

No, nobody's kitchen is that white in real life..

Should I wash windows and polish floors to resemble Pioneer Woman's kitchen?

No, nobody's kitchen is that clean in real life.

I guess that's my answer.

No matter what I wear...or say...or have sitting on my counters...S&S/Cooking with Courtney is about real life.!

Having said that, I want to hear from you. What topics would you like BRIEFLY covered? Meal prep? Menu prep? Shortcuts? You name it...I'm all ears!

Friday, I'll be cool...calm...and partially collected on the outside. On the inside, I'll be channeling my 2009 Halloween highlights and doing this...


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  1. Oh girl, do not use that afro wig! You will be fine and trust me, the Pioneer Woman has people that make her floor shine, as well as prep her food, do her grocery shopping and so on. You will be great, can't wait to see them.


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