Friday, November 7

Magnolia Wreath

I have one word for you, my friends...REPURPOSED!

I love a charming door wreath and last year I had a very unexpected lapse in judgment. It involved read beads...and red heard me! Super Hunk even grimaced at its unveiling. That's when you know things have gone awry.

Never wasteful, I hung my showgirl holiday wreath on the door and anxiously awaited Dec. 26th when I could put it out of its "las-vegas-off-the-strip" misery.

A year has passed and I have refrained from drinking the same kool-aid. What was I thinking?

I pulled the poor, tattered specimen out of storage and disassembled it...bead by bead. Whoosh, it was so liberating!

With a fresh canvas (and a "stay-away-from-red-tulle" lesson learned), Little Man and I set out on a nature walk to gather supplies.

This is what we created.

Here is the poor soul I initially purchased for 50 cents at Goodwill, brought it home and dressed it up as...well, you know. It will now turn from trashy caterpillar to elegant butterfly.

I even repurposed the tacks...the sad, rusty tacks longing to hold something lovely.

We gathered the fallen leaves, with a lovely brown hue, and I clipped a few green leaves. Grouping three leaves, placed in various directions, insert tack to hold in place. Work in the same direction for the entire wreath or it will look like my hair in the morning...a rockstar mess.

Just keep tacking, and tacking.

When you make your way all the way around on the front side, go back and fill in with a few leaves. It's better to be too theory on eating as well.

When you've completed the front side, prop wreath up so you can work on outer edge (yes, I used a brick...don't judge). Hello, pretty pecan leaf!

Next step is to complete the inner edge. I leaned mine against a flower pot as I was working on the patio. The straw wreath would've wreaked havoc on my house.

Tada, all sides (except back because it's hanging on the door) are done. Not bad!

These are the seed pods a magnolia tree drops and a little boy finds fascinating. A nice little extra for our wreath. Don't you agree?

Tada! Easy breezy and completely repurposed. Now for the ribbon and we're done.

There you go, a beautiful metamorphosis!

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