Monday, October 27

The Great Sweet Potato Harvest

The time has come. Our little sweet potato plantlings have matured and they've been growing for such a time as this.

In case you missed my original post, here is how the beds looked prior to harvest.

With eager hoes (that sounds like the start to an entirely different story), we dig! Honestly, Super Hunk did all the work, I did the photographing (my clicker finger got quite a workout...I burned 6.2 calories).

We clipped all the beautiful greens for salads...months of salads!
Little Man was designated as Digging Assistant. His duties consisted of inserting hands in dirt, throwing dirt, and wiping dirty hands on pajamas.

Boys will be boys...filthy, dirty his mis-matched pajamas!

As Super Hunk diligently dug, our pile of potatoes grew...and grew.

We have six beds FULL of plants and this one bed yielded 5 large potatoes...

...18 medium potatoes, and a handful of small potatoettes. You do the math...yikes!

I see a bazillion Super Hunky Tacos in our future!

Now, I "mustache" you a question (while you stare at my handsome hubby's black socks that I've grown to adore)...When can I bring you a few (potatoes, not black socks)?

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  1. I love you three, the black socks and all those yummy potatoes!!! :) Good job, friends!


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