Thursday, August 14

The Low Down On ThredUp

Ladies, it's time to talk shop! Cleaning-out-your-closets-and-getting-paid-to-do-it shop!

This post is a shout out to all my fellow consignment store, thrift store, resale store lovers. They're a thing of beauty...don't you agree? Even the not-so-great-carry-your-pepper-spray places have diamonds in the rough.

Before I had Little Man, I occasionally stopped in to a few of my favorite spots. Marc Jacobs stilettos? Banana Republic khakis? Coach a fraction of the cost and looks brand new? Don't mind if I do! It was my version of a day at the spa.

Then this little boy came along and made my world exponentially more expensive. How does something so small require so much cash? With dreams of him attending college, I converted my occasional trips to frequent, "Norm" visits (name that show). Yep, I'm having my cake and eating it too. Clothed in (new or gently used) Ralph Lauren AND he has a college fund! Score!

Having said ALL of that (thank you for enduring my rambling), let's talk

I was first introduced to the online resale website when a friend forwarded me the $10 off coupon for first time shoppers. Curious, I browsed the site and was impressed with it's look and functionality. I decided to become a seller and requested my first bag. After all, I have a stack of items Little Man and I (notice the "I") have outgrown and can never seem to find time to drop them off. This seemed like a convenient solution.

Within days, my bag arrived. I quickly loaded the acceptable (they provide a list of brands they are looking for) items, sealed the bag, and dropped it at the post office during my daily visit (and my husband says I can't multi-task). Easy as that!

A couple of weeks passed and I received an email that my account had been credited and they took nine of my ten items (you can pay $12 shipping on items they don't accept and they'll send them back to you...I considered it a donation).

My account contained $47.94...nice! I had two options, spend the balance at or request a Cashout (which included a $10 charge). I opted for the Cashout and they placed the money in my PayPal account (Little Man had a certain train set on eBay so it was perfect timing).

Overall, it was a pleasant and very convenient experience. I give it two thumbs up and I have another bag on its way!

Happy closet cleaning!

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