Saturday, July 5

The Yellow Sheep Are Lying Down

July is Tour de France month in our home. While most people are resting from their Independence Day festivities, we are up bright and early anticipating the first stage of our favorite race.

Being married to a cyclist, I've gained a huge appreciation for the sport (and my super hunky hubby in spandex). I now understand the tragedy of a flat tire while running at breakneck speeds...downhill!  Man down! And apparently, touching tires while traveling in a group of 200 can be catastrophic. Lots of men down!

So complex (so bandaged)!

The only "downhill" I ever experienced was riding my Pink Panther Huffy to buy a snowcone (which occasionally resulted in a skinned knee and the death of said snowcone).

While we sit back and enjoy watching others exhaust themselves through the European countryside, I thought I'd share my favorite moment from Stage One.

Sheep, yellow sheep...

Don't let their golden appearance deceive you, I think that's human hatred in their eyes.

Yellow is a very important color in the Tour (comment below if you know why) so this is one sheep herder's tribute to the yearly event. Here's to you, whoever you are, and your permanently dyed digits. You and your precious ovine pals were my favorite part of Stage One (even though, when their time came, they made their debut lying down...which I think, means it's going to rain).

(Just so you can truly grasp Super Hunk's love of cycling, here's a visual. Yes, he's sitting on the kitchen counter...right next to the coffee pot. He's no dummy!)

Bring on Stage Two...I'm thinking yellow bovines? Strange men dressed up as yellow bovines? Yellow bovines dressed up as strange men? You never know what will happen next!

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