Wednesday, July 30

My Top 4 Infant Feeding Essentials

Lately, I have received a few messages from readers inquiring about infant feeding tips. Recipes? My preference of baby food processor? Did I ever find an ACTUAL no-spill sippy cup?

Even though Little Man is now in the big boy eating stage, I remember the baby feeding phase like it was yesterday. I'm wearing less of his meals now but he's still just as messy!

Here are a few of the items that made my pureed life so lovely, I couldn't have survived without them.

1. Tommee Tippee Easi-Mat - I love this product so much, I want to marry it! Well...Super Hunk is much warmer at night.  Okay...I love it so much, I want to keep it forever! My sister-in-law bought it for Little Man (the only color she could find was pink so we rock it like every confident boy would). She's a SuperMom and absolutely hit it out of the park with this gem. The mat sticks to a tray (or table) and the bowl/plate sticks to the mat. (No more flying plates!)  Roll it up and shove it in your purse and it's great for restaurants. I used to stick books on it while we were waiting for our food to arrive. For those of you without little ones (or for those of you with older ones), this is an EXCELLENT GIFT!

2. Baby Bullet Food Processor - When I was pregnant, I researched numerous brands of processors and decided on the Baby Bullet (which was the perfect shower gift from a few of my fabulous friends). While I was extremely pleased (and it served me well), my only regret is that I didn't select one with a steamer (it would've saved a few extra dishes to wash). It also came with a Baby's First Foods Guide and included an assortment of handy recipes, making baby food was no man's land for me so every little bit helped.

For those of you asking about recipes, I also referenced this website often. It has great information, easy purees, and a handy field allowing you to search by ingredient.

3. Wonder Wheel - The wonder wheel is...well...wonder-ful! It may seem silly to have it in my top 4 list but I used it everywhere (even bath time). It was especially handy during feeding time to keep his hands busy and not grab - grab - grabbing. The ingenious suction cup design allows it to stick to any surface...even the table at the restaurant (the way I'm talking, you'd think we eat out for every meal but we don't...dining out with an infant was always difficult so I was constantly looking for ways to make things easier). This is also an excellent gift...a message saying "parenthood is hard but STICK with it"...hehe!

4. Dr. Brown's Training Cup - Every parent has their preference, their old trusty when it comes to favorite cups. I literally spent a fortune (at least one semester of college) on sippy cups. I was on a quest to find the no-spill sippy cup (feeling discouraged that one didn't even exist). "No-spill" to me means "no-leakage-at-all-none-in-the-least", but to manufacturers it means "no-pour"...they still leak - drip - trickle. However, just when things were looking grim and everything had milk stains, the heavens opened and shined down on this little gift. The Dr. Brown's Training Cup (with hard spout) saved my leaky little life. Warning, the lid is a bit finicky but once you get it just right, it's DRY...DRY...DRY! I fully endorse this product as a "no-spill-leak-drip-trickle" sippy cup!

I hope this answers a few of your questions and encourages you in your feeding journey. It can be a literal mess but finding the right tools makes it that much easier!

Happy pureeing and keep the questions coming, I love hearing from YOU!

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