Friday, June 6

The Little Black Dress

Ladies, why are we so hard on ourselves? God created us perfect, His beautiful masterpiece. And yet, I continue to wish He had used a smaller brush when drawing my hips.

We are all unique in our own special way but I dream of trading my hiney for a Baywatch Beach version. Did I just reveal my age? Perky hiney or not, those red swimsuits were hideous!

I had a baby in my mid-thirties and my body had a mid-life crisis. I'm proof that you CAN return to your previous ("pre-baby") weight. However, nobody told me it would be distributed a little differently. It seems as if the fat cells (that were once perfectly proportioned) have now settled, willy nilly, wherever is most comfortable! I have lost control of the crew and they are steering the ship...which happens to be my backside.

I have an event coming up that requires a dress with a little pizazz...a hint of sparkle...just the right amount of glitz. I know just what I'll wear!

My little black dress, a trusty friend. The one article of clothing in my closet that can instantly make me feel like a movie star! It has magical powers...or maybe it's the Spanx.

The only problem, it's a "pre-baby" size 4! Gulp!

Let's just say, the crew has steered the ship a bit more South. 

I was initially disappointed...I even considered sucking on saltines with a tic-tac chaser for a week but decided buying better Spanx might be a less hungry option.

A few days passed and the Lord spoke to my heart about my dress dilemma. You see, nothing in my life looks the same. This little gift from God, all covered in dirt and snot, has captured my heart and changed my entire world. 

So today, I choose to look in the mirror and remember all the wonderful moments that brought me here (even the memories of my favorite little black dress). No matter what size my pants are, my heart is bigger and that's the growth that matters!

I hope this encourages you...I'm off to do some shopping, I have a slightly larger dress to buy! :-)


  1. Aww, I love the post from top to bottom!

  2. Beautiful words & thoughts today, Friend. Love ya!

  3. Oh girl you couldn't look bad if you wanted too, but I understand what you are saying.


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