Thursday, May 8

The Gift of Bacon

Day #4 in our "A Week of Bacon" series. I hope you've added a few yummy new recipes to your culinary arsenal.

Let's take a break from whisking and chopping and talk gifts. I have MANY bacon lovers on my Christmas (and birthday) list and sometimes my creativity takes a brief siesta. With a little research, I've compiled a list of unique (and affordable) bacon lover must-haves. Here are a few ideas.

Baby Bib from Tasty Threads ~ I wish I would've known about this when Little Man was wearing most of his food. Oh wait, he still is!
Eggs Are Sides Tee (Available on Amazon) ~ You have to giggle...and then exercise.
Bacon Cloth Napkins From Ruby Farms ~ We are usually a paper napkin household but these cuties are worth the extra laundry!
What's Shakin' Bacon Tea Towel by The Coin Laundry ~ I'm ordering one of these (maybe two) right now!
Seasonal Bacon Sampler from White Flower Farm ~ A more affordable alternative to the ever so popular "Bacon of the Month Club".
Bacon Tea Towel from Iron Accents ~ I agree, wholeheartedly!
Never Cook Bacon Naked Apron from Cafe Press ~ True statement (the visual is a little unappealing)!
Stealing Bacon Appetizer Plate from Cafe Press ~ Love this, so charming!
Hope you found a few unique gift ideas. As for me, I'm off to "add to cart"! Stay tuned tomorrow for another delicious bacon creation!

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