Wednesday, April 23

Toast Your Coconut

I've decided to start posting a few Kitchen 101 tips. I know they may seem elementary but I'm certain there's a gal out there Googling "how to boil an egg". Was I the only one?

Seriously, there are techniques used daily in our kitchens we take for granted. Things we do so often, they become second nature to us. My reality check, I once used Google (and YouTube) for everything. How long do I bake a potato and what temp? Why is my minute rice still crunchy? I'm telling you, I was a culinary infant...look how far I've come!

So, here goes...Toast Your Coconut 101.
You can use sweetened or unsweetened but keep in mind that sweetened toasts faster.

There are two methods, stovetop or oven. Either way is fine but I prefer stovetop. The frequent stirring creates a more evenly toasted batch. Here are a few easy steps.

Place coconut in skillet over medium heat.
Stir, stir, and stir to prevent burning. When the coconut is browned to your satisfaction, I like mine just barely golden (about 7-10 minutes), remove from heat. Let cool and try not to eat the whole bowl with a spoon!
Stay tuned for more Kitchen 101 tips! Feel free to message me here with questions.

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