Monday, February 10

Little brain, this one's for you!

My favorite thing featured this week is really Little Man's favorite thing (which, by default, is one of my favorite things...funny how that works).

My disclaimer is as follows...I'm not usually a book critic but this one is worth sharing (imagine how much more straightforward life would be if all disclaimers were that short).

Ahhh, the wonder...of a book!

I believe we are all born with a love of books, it's how that love is nurtured that makes us adult readers.

"Children become readers in the laps of their parents."  ~Emilie Buchwald~

Little Man has always had a strong affection for books. His feet hit the floor and the bookcase (that was so neatly organized by his OCD Mother the night before) is unloaded, book by book. Much like children in your world, his "favorite" changes like the seasons.

However, this book has been consistently delivered to me (with that sweet "will you read it" face) since he received it (great gift, Auntie Rekah).

For kids of your own or your search for the perfect gift, this book is sure to meet your expectations!

Here is a peek...

Little Man loves to PUUUSSSHH the dots!

Color recognition is a huge element of this book, Little Man prefers yellow (he's sunshiney in that "sunshiney" a word?)

This part always gets Little Man, the "how did that happen" look never fails to appear!

I won't spoil the rest but I will say it's a great addition to a child's library.

Happy reading...and shaking...and clapping...and blowing!

There are many retail options for purchasing this gem, here's a link to Amazon for easy "click-click-done" purchases. 

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  1. I agree whole heartly! I've wanted Raegan to love books and she does. We have spent hours on the floor with her slowly choosing a new one to read. She will sit down, back up next to me and look up just waiting for the story to begin. Our special time together! :)


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