Monday, June 2

Nutella Pumpkin Yummies

Have you heard the term "shelf-sweeper"? If you're a couponer, it's a term that makes your angry side come alive. I'm serious, there's nothing worse than having a sale circular, paired with a coupon, only to find the shelf swept clean by a crazy couponer who feels the need to hoard 72 bars of soap. No judgement here, I'm just simply asking you to leave one or two for the rest of us bargain lovers.

Having said (or ranted about) that, I have a shelf-sweeping love of Betty Crocker's Pumpkin Spice Cookie Mix. Since Betty decided to exponentially increase its value by making it a Limited Edition, I usually buy every bag when it's available (yes, I leave a bag or two behind for my fellow lovers). You can occasionally find a bag here and there, making it the happiest day of the week...month (it's kinda like finding a stray chocolate in the bottom of your purse when you're hungry)!

Today is nowhere near pumpkin spice season (as if there has to be a season) but I had a hankering...and a jar of Nutella. So I dug in my stash, swirled in a bit of hazelnut goodness and out came these little yummies.

Easy and scrumptious!

1 bag Betty Crocker Pumpkin Spice cookie mix
1/4 cup Nutella 

Prepare cookie mix according to package instructions.

Add Nutella and gently stir until swirl pattern appears (don't over mix or your cookies will resemble the color of an old boot).

Place on cookie sheet and bake according to package instructions. Let cool on pan for a minute or two before transferring to cooling rack.

These lasted literally 45 minutes...I had TWO! Sad hankering was short-lived. I hope yours lingers for a bit longer.


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