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Seersucker & Sweet Tea

Much like the majority of the population, my family is scattered across the U.S. While my Father's kinfolk reside primarily in Colorado, my Mother's are spread out to every corner of the South. I have roots in Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and all the way up to Virginia.

Or should I say..."Lou-siana, Flaw-rida, Nawth Caroliiina, Sowth Caroliiina, and Vuhginia". What kind of Southerner would I be if I didn't pronounce them correctly?

Yesterday, I shared a few of my family's "Southern-isms". Today, let's take a walk down All Things Southern Avenue.

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Porches, wicker, and painted ceilings are foundations of Southern culture. I've spent many hours rocking on a porch, snappin' beans, and swatting mosquitos (oh, the mosquitos...they're more like small birds). Those are my most cherished memories...minus the mosquitos, you can literally look them in the giant eye! 

Side note, wicker without the proper cushion is hazardous to your bottom side!

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Painted ceilings are Southern lovely but it gives me a crick just thinking about it!

Sweet tea, sweet tea, oh how I love thee! My grandma used to always have a pitcher of sweet tea ready for any occasion or a regular ol' day. The secret is to always melt the sugar on the stove first...syrup dissolves faster than sugar. I bet you, and your Dentist, are so glad I shared that tidbit! Some people even add freshly chopped mint leaves...I secretly think it's their way of crossing iced tea with a mint julep. :-)

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Mason jars are Super Hunk's favorite, he will rarely drink from any other glass. He's not Southern but has embraced this Southern icon. I bet the lady, busy canning in her kitchen with a thirsty husband and no clean dishes, would be surprised to see us now!

Emily Post, the quintessential "Lady of Etiquette" (with a seemingly uncomfortable corset). I received her book as a child from my Southern Belle Aunt who lives her life according to all things proper (don't let that fool you, she's also a load of fun)!

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I've referenced it numerous times over the years. Everything from table place settings to proper invitation verbiage, it's a one stop etiquette shop. Much to my delight, it's still in print! Order yours from Amazon here. I promise, it will make you a better human being!

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There's just something about a little boy in seersucker, don't you agree? Seersucker means Summer in the South. The thin, puckered cotton fabric makes the sweltering heat much more bearable.  And you don't have to iron it...well, most people...we iron EVERYTHING in our family (sheets, cloth napkins, pillows). Irons flee at the sight of us!

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In the Bible Belt, churches aren't just Sunday gathering places, they're architectural landmarks. Rarely can you drive through the countryside without spotting one of these charmers. Oh, to imagine the hundreds of years of worship in those pews. It makes my heart sing...can I get a Hallelujah?!

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The South is synonymous with HEAT...I'm talking sweltering, melt the make-up right off your face, heat! Humidity that makes your hair cuticles scream for mercy! Big hair is not intentional in the South, it's our hair waving the white flag! The trade off for melted faces and uncontrollable locks is a canvas of garden colors. Everything (most everything) grows in the South. This is the reason my Memaw chose to live out her days there, she was a sucker for Crepe Myrtles...Bagoniers...Wysteriers (she put a "ers" on the end of everything)! It's color that will make your eyes hurt...and not fair for the rest of us, living in Dust Bowl conditions! Let's move!

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Finally, at the end of our All Things Southern Avenue is the hospitality house. If you ask any visitor what they love most about the South, they will say "the nice people". The mantra of the South is "Come on in, make yourself at home".

It's the sentiment I proudly live by. You're always welcome at my table, Southern or not!

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Thanks for taking a walk with me. See ya'll later, I'm off to watch Steel Magnolias. Am I the only one that feels the need to hug Weezer?

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